I am a MRes/PhD Student in Economics at the London School of Economics. My mission is to reduce poverty and inequality in Eastern Europe and around the world. My main topics of interest in Economics include Political Economy, Development, Education and Health.

I hold a Master’s degree in Data, Development and Economics from MIT and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from the University of Amsterdam. Before starting my PhD, I worked as a Consultant at the World Bank Bureaucracy Lab. Please see my CV and research page for more details about my credentials and work.

All my public analysis and programming work is designed to be reproducible through GitHub. Note work in progress is in private repositories.

Side Projects and Public Exposure

Name Description
Marius Jakulis Jason Žinios Lietuvai I have presented a number of talks on issues in general and development Economics for the Marius Jakulis Jason fund (Lithuanian).
Talentai Lietuvai Fondas To fund my studies at MIT I ran a crowdfunding campaign featured on several news platforms (Lithuanian and English).
Kosmoso Departamentas I have given an interview on the issues of Development Economics to the national broadcaster of Lithuania (Lithuanian).

For other projects, see my social media resources on the left.

This website makes use of Open Source resources. It is based on the Jekyll theme “Minimal Mistakes” created by Michael Rose. I sincerely thank Michael for his excellent work in making beautiful website design accessible for non-developers.